It’s been a long time i wanted to post a kind of fanfic recs. So here are my favorites~~ n_n


Absolute Chanyeol (Leadernim) [Baekyeol; 11,087 words]Summary: Chanyeol isn’t the perfect robot but that’s okay with Baekhyun because he is anything but the perfect human. [No longer available to read, same for Be Human :/]

Be Human (Leadernim) [Taoris; 10,054 words] Summary: (Side story to Absolute Chanyeol.) Kris will never be human enough.

Anterograde Tomorrow (Changdictator) [Kaisoo, broken!lukai; 23,052 words]  Summary: Kyungsoo is stuck in the hours while Jongin begs the seconds, because time stops for someone who can’t remember and runs from someone who can’t miss the last train home.

Arbitrage (Fumerie) [Kaisoo; 22,000 words]  Summary: There are three tracks to Do Kyungsoo’s life. Track A, trader at an investment bank. Track B, new recruit of a race crew called EXO. Track C… track C involves someone named Kai and a whole lot of bad decisions.

Countdown (adorableprince) [Kaisoo, minor Baekyeol; 12000w] Summary: Jongin sees but doesn’t see enough.

10080  (EXObubz) [Baekyeol, 13000w] Chanyeol wanted a divorce. Baekhyun asked for a week.

(Always) Like the First Time (Chiharu) [Kray; 17k]
Summary: Kris is sent on business to a remote town in Hunan. He meets Yixing, and maybe even likes Yixing. Yixing, though, doesn’t quite reciprocate Kris’s feelings that easily. Based on 50 First Dates.

Again and again (by Duijjang in Sextrations)[Hunhan; 5061 words.] Summary: Sehun helps Luhan remember, again and again.

juxtaposition and symmetry. (Sphexed) [Hunhan] Summary: In which, SeHun has an affinity for English and a loathing for Math, while LuHan is a Math nerd that hates English.

Summer children (umberela) [Kaisoo; 39,800 words] Summary: Kyungsoo leaves the Earth Nation to fight in a war. He meets a really stupid boy along the way (aka the kaisoo sidestory that goes alongside Zodiac).

So We Meet Again (and Other Clichéd Phrases) (Hotarumyst) [Kaisoo; 11,567 words]. Summary: This is not a romance, by definition. This is Kim Jongin, both too famous and too dense to write his own memoir. This is Kim Jongin, stumbling awkwardly back into love.

Falling in Love (Is Hard on the Knees) (Equalises) [Main pairing: Kray; 10,635w] Summary: Yixing never liked routine, bars, or twinberry cheesecake. Right now, he just might. highschool!au, where Yixing is super dense, Yifan thinks stupidity is contagious, and Jongin is super sarcastic.

Like a disney movie (kiwi-ism) [Kaisoo] Summary: kyungsoo falls sick and loses his voice one day at work so baekhyun and luhan play a practical joke on him that ends with more benefits than consequences.

Sugar we’re goin’ down swinging (gulpsofoxygen) [Hunhan; 11, 301w] Summary: Sehun sells flowers and Lu Han reads way too much manga.

My muse (adorableprince) [Kaisoo]

Jinxed (ForeverflippingA) [Kaisoo; 13000 w] Summary: Where Jongin thrives on praticality and avoid anything even slightly irrational and senir Kyungsoo is the very definition of irrational.

Green Apples (Adorableprince)[Kaisoo; 3k] Summary: They’ve known each other for so long that Jongin doesn’t know what it means to be without Kyungsoo.

Someday Dream (airplanewishes) [Baekyeol; 13,457w] Summary: Baekhyun didn’t have a date. So he hired one.

sketched into storybooks (thisismylastlie) [kaisoo; 4700w]  Summary: Meet me twenty-two sentences into the last chapter.

Night Dancer (19-blue-roses) [Kaisoo; ~7,400 w] Summary: Kyungsoo likes physics. He’s not cut out for things that science can’t prove, like love or feelings or ghosts, quite frankly.

Run your fingers through my soul (sweetballads) [Kaisoo; 6,5k+] Summary: In a futuristic world where pills are used to suppress emotions, Kyungsoo meets Jongin. Through him, Kyungsoo learns the true definition of love.

Angel (khjbro) [Baekyeol; 3067w] Summary: One morning, Baekhyun wakes up to a handsome boy with wings sitting at the foot of his bed.

Turns on a dime  (canttakeabreath) [Kaisoo, Sekai; 22,100 words]
Summary:  This is my family. I found it all on my own. It’s little and broken, but still good. Yeah, still good.

Take your dog for a walk (even if you don’t have one)( timeshaker) [Hunhan; 11700w] Summary: luhan dispenses touches like candy. and he’s so adorable. sehun hates him. definitely maybe.

Balancing Equations (supa-baek) [JoonmyunxKyungsoo, 9,927w] Summary: Kyungsoo is awkward, and Joonmyun is perfect.

Delicate  (illegiblesigns) [Krisbaek, 16,000+ words] Summary: kris finds out that the only thing he needs is exactly the only thing he can’t have

Rip out the wings of a butterfly (illegiblesigns) [sehun/jongin/luhan, 9,692 words]  Summary: terrible things happen to good people everyday. however, Jongin is not one of the good people. he’s one of the terrible things.

Stationary sidewalks (paradisist) [Baekhyun/Chanyeol + Tao; 3199w] Inspired by the song “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” by The Script

Eden’s morning (lunathunderhead) [Baekhyun/Chanyeol, ~3100w] Summary: Open up a browser’s history and you can read someone’s story


Baby’s breath (jindeul) [Baekyeol;  20 chap] Summary:  My name is Byun Baekhyun. My stepbrother’s name is Park Chanyeol.I’m the captain of my school’s varsity soccer team and I have good grades, more or less. My stepbrother has a “below average” IQ of 65. He’s been home-schooled for the majority of his life. Yes, he’s mentally retarded. Intellectually disabled. Cognitively handicapped. Whatever you call it. He doesn’t do much with his life but water the plants at our family’s florist shop and try to solve second grade math problems. He still counts on his fingers. Life’s been different, to say the least, ever since he moved in with us. My name is Byun Baekhyun and I want my stupid stepbrother to disappear.

Oh Gravity (Bluecoins) [Kaisoo; 9 chap] Summary: All Kyungsoo wanted was just to look after someone and all Jongin needed was someone to look after him.

Overlapping Worlds (Seisdemayo) [SeKai; 6 chap] Summary: They live in the same house, in the same space, at the same time. In the same world, but not really.

Zodiac (black_goose and umberela) [Baekyeol, Hunhan, Taoris, Kaisoo; ? chap] Summary: “The Oracle has seen the twelve united. War is coming to the Nations. We must prepare for battle.”

Paper mâché (PurplePluto & Siahna) [Kaisoo; 15 chap] Summary: Trapped in a cardboard box, Kyungsoo always feels at home.

How to pet: A users guide (drainbamage95) [LuChen, 12 chap] Summary: Luhan has never really been able to get along with cats.  Until Joonmyun gets one and his life is turned into even more insanity that it already is.

48 hours (translated by heecups) [21 chap] Summary: “after 48 hours, only one boy will be alive in this house”

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